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What you need to know about smart home automation & security

by Kelly Okimoto 03/25/2024

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As our homes become more digitized, smart home gadgets have grown in popularity. These devices extend beyond your smart speaker or voice assistant and aren’t just for entertainment. They can also offer security and save you money depending on their functionality.

Indoors: Enjoy savings & convenience

A great way to save money and illuminate your home more efficiently is to use smart lights. Smart light bulbs are usually simple to install and can be programmed to turn off and on during specific intervals. 

Automatic turn off helps to reduce unnecessary energy usage, which can save you money, and they can be integrated with popular home automation systems for easy and effortless control. 

Outdoors: Secure entrance & perimeter

In addition to lighting, other smart home devices can aid in the safety and security of your space even when you’re not there. Many smart home brands offer packages to connect your security camera, smart speakers and smart locks. 

If unusual activity is detected, you can receive a quick notification via an app on your phone, no matter where you are. To add to this convenience, many smart devices operate via voice control, making them even more simple to use. 

When putting together your smart home system, consider your needs and your budget. Don't put your safety and savings to the test. Smart home devices are worth the investment and can save you money and hardship down the road. If you’re curious about the best smart home devices, consider speaking with a representative at your local home improvement store.

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